Fraternity of Fatherhood
A Fraternity for All Men
The Fraternity of Fatherhood is for all men. Our desire is to serve the Lord in all areas of our lives and to especially model our gift and responsibilities as fathers, husbands and men after the example of God the Father and His goodness. We support men; meeting them where they are at. We engage in one-on-one friendships and provide opportunities for group activity, support and formation.
We entrust the Fatherhood Fraternity to the patronage of Saint Joseph.
Our Mission
To serve, encourage and support fathers, husbands and single men to respond and remain strong in their vocations
What is it we hope to do?
  • Bring men closer to God by inviting them to learn their faith, challenging them to live their faith and encouraging them to love and share their faith.
  • Introduce other men to Him.
  • God created man and woman in His own image and likeness.
  • Help men to understand that they can have a relationship with Him.
  • Our hope lies in helping preserve the family unit.
For Whom?
  • Catholic/Christian Men (Fathers, husbands and single men) Young and old.
  • Men looking to better serve their family, their church, their work place, and their community.
To grow in holiness and to learn and live the teachings of the Catholic Church, All for the glory of God and the salvation of souls. There are some basic truths that serve as a guide in understanding God's plan for us. He has a specific plan of love for every person in His creation. Understanding these principles helps us to know how God has shaped and formed us to be the m
an He has called us to be from all eternity.
We entrust the Fraternity of Fatherhood to the patronage of St. Joseph

Father Santan Pinto’s Letter to Men
Dear Fathers:
I pray that this journey on the path of holiness will be exciting for you. You have a great desire to be formed after the heart of God, who is our heavenly Father! The world and much more the evil one, does not want you to become a father.
Being a father means understanding that it is a call. When you see fatherhood as a gift you will accept it in humility and gratitude. Humility comes from the fact that you are weak. The pressures of the world are strong and flesh seems to have its way. Gratitude comes from the fact that the Lord is your Shepherd and He is with you always. With Him all things are possible. As you allow Him to guide your steps in holiness you will witness His wonders. In this vocation there are certain demands, challenges, struggles, and responsibilities. It is the grace that counts. All we have to do is open our hearts to the graces God gives us.
This training program is a journey. You discover your identity and recognize your dignity. In understanding your vocation you grow in holiness. You learn to serve as St. Joseph did and realize that God has entrusted His children to your fatherly care!
With my priestly blessings,
Fr. Santan Pinto, SOLT
Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity