Service to the Church

"It is my aim to prepare these disciples, so that they can be of service to the Church, by assisting you and serving the needs of their local Church. I have placed much emphasis on belonging to a parish and not a floating parishioner. This formation should lead the disciples to be a source of help and assistance to each of you in your work. I have always encouraged those in formation and those who have completed their formation to be obedient to their local pastors. I am certain that through this filial obedience they will enjoy the Lord’s protection and blessing on their family and their work would be fruitful." (From Fr. Pinto’s letter to his brother priests)
Gift to the Church
The Disciples of Jesus and Mary program continues to grow across the United States and in other parts of the world. 
Disciples are formed to serve in their local parishes under obedience to their Pastor. They share the gift of the formation with others and help to promulgate this work. They become leaven and live the Gospel. Their light shines as others seek to discover the treasure these disciples have found.
The Lord established the formation program and structure for the Disciples of Jesus and Mary as a gift to the Church. When I go, the work will spread evermore and the Church will recognize the fruits as more of the lay people grow in holiness and service to the Church.
This work is not Fr. Pinto’s. It belongs to Our Lord and Our Lady. I am only an instrument called to help this work become established. Those who come after me will help to carry it forward.
The Lord promised that He would watch over and guide us and his servant will help those continue on this journey when he is called to his eternal rest. To Him be all glory and honor and praise!
With my priestly blessings,
Fr. Santan Pinto SOLT