Formation ProgramImage of Father Pinto at Discipleship Wrap Up Arizona

Beginning Formation consist of:
Prayer in Your Life
(Approximately 6 months)
In Prayer in Your Life you discover your plan of life and how to live it.
Discernment in Your Life
(Approximately 6 months)
Discernment guides you with the tools to recognize God's will and shows you how to fulfill it.
Discipleship Your Way  of  Life
(Approximately one year)
Discipleship guides you on a lifelong journey. This journey consists of following Jesus, together with Mary, and leads to union with the Blessed Trinity.
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Ongoing Formation consists of:

  • Disciples serving the needs of their local parishes ~ under the direction and obedience of their local pastors.
  • Going back through the formation again entering more deeply into the teachings and discovering one’s plan of life.
  • Disciples study the teachings of the Church and follow specific directives to continue their lives as disciples, and sharing the gift of this formation by guiding others who are interested in the formation.