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Ancestry of Fr. Santan Pinto, SOLT


About the year 1840. Do not have record of parents.
Children: Phyllis, Camil, Cosmas, Andrew

Camil married Anne Phyllis
Children: Minguel, Albin Paul, Sebastian (Bostiao), Duke Xavier, Pelegrina, Natalina, Anna Clara

Albin Paul (born 1857 died January 16th 1942) married Laticia DeSouza (born 1874 died August 11th 1944).
Children: Peter, Christalina (Fr. Pinto's grandmother), Roufin, Cosmas, Sebastian, Anna Concesion, and Thomas.

1. Peter Mendonca (born March 6th 1897 died February 9th 1989) married Santanna D'Souza (born February 2nd 1909 died June 1st 1971)

2. Christalina Mendonca, by marriage Saldanha (born 1889 died September 9, 1965) married Michael Joseph Saldana

3. Roufin married Xavier Creido
Children: Anthony, Annie, Rocky, Mary, Benedict (died)

4. Cosmas married Estella Mendis (born July 8th, 1910)

5. Sebastian (born December 12th, 1910 died October 7th 1965) married Carolina Alvares (born April 20th, 1917)

6. Anna Concesion married Claude Cordeiro; their children - Rosario Paul, Dolly (Fr. Santan Pinto's Godmother) and Anthony.

7. Thomas (born February 5th, 1918 died Aprl 17h, 1977) married Yohannha Parmar (born September 11th 1933)- their child Bibianna.


Sebastian Pinto and Isabel(maiden surname unknown)
Children: Rosy, Sister married in Corjuem (Goa-India), Sister from Kakeri (India), Jack's Mother, Santan (Fr. Pinto's Grandfather), Casmil and Luis

Santan Pinto (Fr. Pinto's grandfather) Married first wife Rosy;

1. Carmeline Pinto married Francis Pinto. Their children
A. Salvador & Rosemary Pinto: their children are Julie (married to D'Cruz; children - Fr. Alex D'Cruz, two Brothers), Carmeline (married Milgarine: their children Janet & Brother) and Francis (married has two sons living in Gokak)
B. Baptist (Bachelor)
C. Thomas & Esperanza: their children are:

2. Marie-Angel married Sebastian Carvalho

3. Piedad married Costas D'Souza:
Children: Francis D'Souza married Josephine; Pasqual D'Souza first wife Esperanza (died): Children:

4. Caitan married Caroline:

    A. Rosy
    B. Leo (born December 1st 1920, died February 24th 1993) married Muriel (born April 14th 1929) Children:
  1. C. Victor
    D. Sr. Connnie
    E. George & Lydia
    F. Saluzin & Claudine
    G. Joseph & Linda: children Darryl and Kenneth
    H. Eddie & Jennifer: children Dwayne and Naomi
    I. Juliet & Anthony Ramsinh

5. Thomas married Philomena

  1. Santan Pinto's second wife was Petronilla Andrade. Their child Ignatius Pinto married Annie Saladana; children
  1. A. Patsy married Angus Vaz; their children: Ashwin, Preeti and Aditya
  2. B. Fr. Santan Pinto SOLT.