History of DJM 

"It is good for us to recognize the great blessings the Lord and Our Blessed Mother has bestowed on all of us. This effort of drafting the history of DJM is to give God the  Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit all honor and glory. It is an effort to hand down to the generations to come the inheritance our Lord and Our Mother has left us."  Fr. Santan Pinto SOLT

Plan of Life: Beginnings . . .

In 1990 during an all night vigil I received the plan of life as a gift. It was as if a light came out of the Eucharist and touched my heart and I saw clearly what this plan was.

I first worked on my own plan and was filled with such great love and admiration for God’s love for me, a sinner. Words cannot express my joy. There was such clarity in my heart and mind.

The principles that I received are the basis to help us enter into this mystery that the Father wishes to reveal to little ones. We open our hearts to receive this light of grace and desire to acknowledge God’s greatness in our lives . . .

It was in Portland at the Marian Conference [June 1992] where Our Lady clearly directed me to work on this program. This was a program that would lead many to become disciples of Jesus and Mary.

It was a formation program to develop the laity in the Church, so that once they recognized who they are formed to be, they would be able to go out and spread the Gospel throughout the world. Also they would have a means and group support to continue this formation program and so be much more fruitful.

Disciples must belong to a parish and are obedient to their local pastors. Once they complete their initial formation of prayer, discernment and discipleship they offer themselves to their local pastors to serve in the Church where the need is the most.